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Employer review sites have made an incredible progress from a platform catering to disillusioned employees and turned-away jobseekers, where they could vent their frustration and disappointment. The last years have seen these sites, and their member base growing in confidence and maturing into a reliable source of labour market insight for both job hunters and HR managers, even supply chains and researchers.

Has it already happened to you, that at the interview a candidate asked about a review they read about your company online? According to some statistics, one third of jobseekers look up their prospective employers’ reviews and salary data online and use Glassdoor or kununu to prepare actively for the interview. Users can only read reviews, if they have reviewed their former or current employer themselves. This leads to an exponential growth of online reviews, about jobs, the companies, salaries and the interview process, also rating the CEO directly.

With this huge amount of comparable data, these platforms have gradually evolved from review or ranking sites, to a wealth of information about workplace trends. Has your organisation already been included on the Glassdoor top 500 companies to work for?

We assume many of you follow this pioneering work of employer review sites and read about their often similar lists and findings about the status quo, in your given market segment. However, in addition, did you know, that with their available data, they also apply predictive analyses, and forecast certain emerging workplace trends, other traditional research groups haven’t put their fingers on yet.

Once you are aware of this, it can easily become this vortex of parallel content that can be hard to sift through to find things that you didn’t know already. We admit, it is hard for us to stay updated, too.

Our intention with this Blog article is to save you some time, having to go through all of the different sites and their own predictive reports. We have compiled some of the most exciting trends, predicted by leading peer-reviews and rating sites, and provide you with the latest job market insights for 2018 and beyond.

Go through all of them, you will be inspired and informed about the next big disruptions in hiring and jobs. And, if you are itching to have a conversation with some of the representatives of these companies in person, you can come to the Zukunft Personal Europe in September to discuss, and find solutions for these disruptive forces.


Being the most visited and popular CEO and employer review site currently, Glassdoor is in a pole position in creating market leader analysis on the future of work and hiring trends. With access to millions of employee reviews Glassdoor, currently valued for more than a billion dollars (!), keeps its finger on the most important and recent job market developments in terms of hiring, company culture, work-life balance or what jobs will emerge in the future. In terms of future hiring tendencies, Glassdoor has recently released a very forward-looking paper, What’s Ahead for Jobs – Five Disruptions to Watch in 2018, which we recommend to all of you to look through carefully.

Our top pick of key Glassdoor trends to watch in 2018: THE YEAR OF THE INFORMED CANDIDATE. To know more about how organisations can increase their transparency in the application process check out this short report about Johnson & Johnson. And if you want to learn more about the fascinating founding story of Glassdoor, read this recent New Yorker piece.

Our top pick of key @Glassdoor trends to watch in 2018: The year of the informed #candidate. Click To Tweet


Currently available in 60 countries and 28 languages, U.S. based Indeed is a worldwide employment related search engine for job listings, ranking and reviews. What Indeed does brilliantly, and rather uniquely, is the aggregation of job listings from hundreds of thousands of websites, which made the platform the highest traffic job website in the U.S.

If you haven’t come across so far Indeed publishes an annual cutting-edge report, The Year in Job Search. Although, we still need to wait until November 2018 to learn about the findings of Indeed for this year, we highly recommend you flipping through the 2017 report, A look at Trends Around the World in 2017. We cannot emphasize enough how valuable these findings are, especially, from the perspective of country-specific data.

Our top pick of key Indeed trend to watch in 2018: GERMANY. Searches for “part-time” positions quadrupled and “work from home” nearly tripled as more Germans sought after flexibility.

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Launched in 2007, kununu is the market leader employee review site in the Austrian, German and Swiss market. The platform provides an insight look into the work culture of more than 70.000 companies. Headquartered in Vienna, the company was founded by the “kununu-brothers” Martin and Mark Poreda. Acquired by XING AG in 2013, kununu expanded to the U.S. in 2016 through a joint venture with Monster. At the 2017 Zukunft Personal Europe we were lucky enough to interview Steffen Zoller, Managing Director at kununu.

Our top pick of key kununu trend to watch in 2018: BE OPEN, BE TRANSPARENT.

Kununu’s new feature provides job hunters to ask questions from potential employers and their staff. Check out our interview below with Steffen Zoller and learn about the typical life cycle of a company when it starts engaging with kununu. Also in this video: most relevant recruitment and labour market trends according to kununu.

You can meet the staff of kununu at the 2018 edition of the Zukunft Personal Europe in Cologne in September, and have a chat about the company’s latest product developments and findings.

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Vault is a prominent industry ranking site. The platform provides detailed, categorized, information for job seekers on certain industries, professions or companies. It also collects valuable insight on internships, research programs, universities, law and business schools. As every employer review site, Vault runs its own blog on which it makes reports and useful guides, beside regular articles, available for visitors. In a December 2017 article Vault has reported about the 5 Job Search Trends for 2018, which generated lots of discussion online.

Our top pick of Vault trend to watch in 2018: To avoid robots and automation during the hiring process, YOU NEED TO NETWORK. This is such a great advice. With its 18.000 expected visitors in 2018, the Zukunft Personal Europe is certainly the event where anyone can take a deep dive into networking.

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Expanding quickly, Fairygodboss, an employer review site that aims to enhance workplaces for women through feedback and rating, has reached 1 million visitors back in January 2018. Employer review sites are growing in their membership and popularity and Fairygodboss is the perfect example of how the sector has started to segment and cater specific groups of job hunters. Fairygodboss runs a very popular and informative blog through which both employers and employees can get regular updates on career, recruitment, salary, maternity leave, or work-life balance trends and news.

If you are specifically looking for talent management trends you certainly do not want to miss one of the latest articles of the Fairygodboss blog: 4 talent management trends you need to know if you’re job searching (or hiring) in 2018.

Our top pick of key Fairygodboss trend to watch in 2018: RECRUITERS WILL GET PROACTIVE. JOB SEEKERS WILL GET COMMUNICATIVE.

(Being work-life balance and gender geeks at the WorkLife HUB, we really would like to see Fairygodboss taking part at the Zukunft Personal Europe 2018, so to be able to get to know the company and its co-founders better.)

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Founded in 2016, Comparably is one of the newest kids in the block of employee review sites. Hence, the California-based start-up tries to bring a fresh perspective to the industry by providing company culture and compensation data, primarily. The company promises to gather, and make available, information on sensitive discrepancies, such as gender pay gap. In a recent article, Comparably explores the most important qualities that will matter most, and least, to any employer in 2018.

Our top pick of key Comparably trend to watch in 2018: women rate RESOURCEFULNESS and GOOD CULTURE FIT equally when it comes to hiring decisions.

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Let us know what you think about employer review sites, and their increased influence in career and job market thought-leadership. Would you like to join the discussion? Send us a tweet using #ZPEurope18 or comment below!


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