Gerry Crispin PorträtInterview series with candidate experience pioneer Gerry Crispin (part 1 – the past of the candidate experience)

2015 is proclaimed as “the year of the candidates”. Skills shortage and the changing job market forces corporations to compete for qualified employees. To be able to survive in the war for talents companies have to improve their recruiting process and treat their candidates in a way that they would want to reapply and share a positive experience. One of the “founding fathers” of Candidate Experience (CE) is HR practitioner, blogger, author and general networker Gerry Crispin. He will be present to speak on this subject at this year’s HRM Expo | Zukunft Personal, opening the theme day “Candidate Experience” on Wednesday, 16 September 2015. Co-organizer Wolfgang Brickwedde (ICR) interviewed him about the past, presence and future of CE. We start this video interview series with Gerry’s view on the past.

Gerry Crispin considers himself a lifelong student of recruiting and a geek around the issue of source of hire. He has been working in recruiting for 40 years, striving for a fresh perspective by traveling around the world, observing recruiters and most of all by listening to job seekers and employers. However, his key issue is Candidate Experience – a subject he is so passionate about that he founded a non-profit “Talentboard” with his colleagues Elaine Orler and Ed Newman. In 2011 they presented the first Candidate Experience Awards at the HRTechnology Conference in Las Vegas based on feedback from the candidates of the companies that applied for the award.

“At every stage I was very concerned about how each of the stakeholders in the process was treated and I found out that no one cared about the candidate for many years”, says Crispin in his interview with Wolfgang Brickwedde. He then decided to survey the impact of Candidate Experience on corporate performance. His project almost failed due to the reluctance of the companies to take a look in the mirror. But without measuring the touchpoints during recruiting he would not have been able to describe the impact of Candidate Experience on corporate performance.

But that was only the first obstacle he had to overcome. “If they do all of those things and find that they are treating candidates poorly and those candidates are rating them poorly, they don’t want the public to know that – it’s embarrassing. So we promised that anyone whose ratings were poor would remain anonymous”, Crispin explains.



The video interviews with Gerry Crispin about the present and the future will follow shortly on this blog.

Meet Gerry in person in Cologne at the HRM Expo! 16 September 2015, 9:30 am, Forum 7 – Halle 3.1

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