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Month: July 2015

Simplicity, diligence and humility – some of the key mastery lessons from Vincent Van Gogh

Driesen-Ger_onlineResearching and writing about the changing world of work and the future of the labour market, one tends to forget about the past. Now here is a great reminder about mastery and craftsmanship via the painter, Vincent Van Gogh.

Vincent van Gogh worked as an artist only for a decade. In those 10 years he managed to produce 840+ paintings and 1000+ sketches having almost no formal training as artist at all. How did he manage to be so productive and at the same time reach an extraordinary level of mastery? We are lucky that Van Gogh also wrote a lot of letters of which 900+ are still available today. These letters shed a light on his way of working and show how Van Gogh approached his work, the struggles he faced and how he managed to overcome them. Ger Driesen did in depth research on these letters to come up with 7 principles that Van Gogh used to develop his ‘art of work’. These 7 principles are still very useful and applicable today.

– a podcast with learning and development expert, Ger Driesen

Your Organisation’s Candidate Experience with #HRMExpo

Recruitment Candidate Experience - New To HR

Photo: Candidate-Experience—New-To-HR

An inadequate candidate experience can leave you lacking in the talent department, and even struggling to fill open positions while global unemployment rates remain high. The application process is the first experience a candidate has with your company, and is crucial in their decision to work with you. Treating them as humans, not just another statistic, brings greater potential for you to hire the right talent.

So what can you do to improve your candidate experience with HR technology?

Burn your diplomas and destroy your function description! Podcast with Jef Staes


Photo: Jef Staes, © Frans-Davids

Productivity is about working smarter, not harder. And what this means in a systems setting? Clever CEOs will put the right people to the right jobs, where they are in groove with their talents and passion, will use social learning and become the best at their jobs. We met with Jef Staes, author, an authority on learning processes and innovative organisations, to get his take on what companies can do to harness the talent of their workforce. Jef is a Systems-thinker – who spent considerable amount of time trying to understand, how come people don’t learn, and why 80% of the people who go to work are not in the flow with who they really are.



Future of work: “We shape our tools and then our tools shape us”

TWLH logo_original“We shape our tools and then our tools shape us” said Marshall McLuhan. We have developed tools over the past 40 years, that are now profoundly changing the way we work, the way we consume, the way we live. We are just getting used to being connected 24/7, and what that means for us, now we have to already lift up our heads and stare right into the future of the internet of things, of 3D printers or driverless cars. The digital transformation process has a profound impact on all sectors and industries, no country will be left out. So the emerging questions are: how is this affecting work organisation and work places and what can both employers and policy makers do about it.  >>MORE>>

Heading for interaction with the HR community: Why we’re entering the world of blogging

Foto: Jorge Quinteros/flickr.com.

Foto: Jorge Quinteros/flickr.com.

Welcome to our new Zukunft Personal/HRM Expo blog!

The HR community meets in Cologne once a year for an intensive exchange of ideas at Europe’s leading HR exhibition. With well over 200 programme points, the exhibition covers the full spectrum of human resources work: from recruiting and human resource services to continuing vocational training, leadership and employment law to HR software and the future of the workplace. We believe that this programme is so packed full of interesting topics and exciting, inspirational ideas on all aspects of human resources that it deserves to attract an audience outside the exhibition as well. >>MORE>>