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Author: Nicole Dominique Le Maire

How to drive innovation in your organisation – follow-up #HRMExpo #ZP15

HRMExpo 2015 - New To HR Collaboration

Photo: HRMExpo 2015 – New To HR Collaboration

In the run-up of the HRM Expo and on-site at the exhibition New To HR was able to speak to a number of (keynote) speakers on their topic area – amongst others to Chris Roebuck, Heiko Fischer and Peter Palme. We produced various videos showing amazing conversations all highlighting that the performance dynamic of your workplace is more important than ever before in today’s global office. For a people engine to run smoothly, all the parts must work together, and one must remember to influence and encourage the workforce for high performance in order to drive innovation in your organisation.  >>MORE>>

Digital Technology is not a function, HR needs to be prepared!

Digital Transformation

Photo: New to HR

New digital technologies and social media are really people-based industries, allowing the sharing of information and ideas between groups. This brings a new role to those working in HR, as businesses begin to transform themselves into socially digital work environments.

The rise of social networks in mainstream society is undeniable, the Pew Research Center reports that 71% of adults were using Facebook in 2014.

This leaves us with a huge majority of the workplace community as social media interactors, gathering and sharing information and ideas, while transforming the role of HR in many organizations (so-called employee brand advocates).


Your Organisation’s Candidate Experience with #HRMExpo

Recruitment Candidate Experience - New To HR

Photo: Candidate-Experience—New-To-HR

An inadequate candidate experience can leave you lacking in the talent department, and even struggling to fill open positions while global unemployment rates remain high. The application process is the first experience a candidate has with your company, and is crucial in their decision to work with you. Treating them as humans, not just another statistic, brings greater potential for you to hire the right talent.

So what can you do to improve your candidate experience with HR technology?