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2019 is here, a new year full of opportunities to connect with great people, expand your knowledge and set ambitious goals for yourself and your organisation. Even if you are not one for making new year’s resolutions, reading this Blog means you are seeking ways to improve your professional life and approach to people management.

The year kicked off with a number of chaotic events, to say the least, like the US partial government shutdown or the Brexit vote, either which is not exactly reassuring in our interconnected and globalised world. Volatility, change and unexpected events such as these are however all part of the new world we are living in, complex structures, interdependence, rapid change and unpredictable.

The good news is, however, that despite some of these highly visible political or economic events, there are many reassuring trends, particularly at workplace and employers’ levels that fill us with hope looking ahead. How can you stay on top of these new trends and adapt your people policies accordingly? We have selected some of the most exciting upcoming events on both sides of the Atlantic for you to make new contacts, learn about new solutions and benchmark your organisations against the leaders in the field of HR.

How can you stay on top of new HR trends and adapt your people policies accordingly? We have selected the HR Global Alliance events for you! Click To Tweet

What does Ralf Hocke, CEO of spring Messe Management have to say about this: “Over the past years many tasks, responsibilities and roles have been transformed as a result of the growing digitalisation of the corporate- and working world, meaning that those responsible for HR are faced with dramatic changes.” So let’s look at some of the key trends, and why not also at the events, that will offer you the biggest insight on them.

Say goodbye to the 9-to-5

The majority of jobs, especially in the knowledge economy, service sectors, but also more and more in other sectors can be done flexibly. Many employees are expressing their wish to reconcile their working lives with childcare, elder-care, sports and other leisure activities. The phrase “work to live, not live to work” has never rung truer than now. Especially with Millenials and Gen Z entering the workforce, where and when a job is performed needs to be re-thought by employers.

Achieving working flexibility and offering alternative work patterns, but more importantly allowing employees to have more control over their working time and place is going to be the new must-have for all employers, be it the public or the private sector. Job-sharing, self-rostering, home-working, compressed working hours are just some of the solutions that deviate from the current work-norms but will need for HR departments and especially team-leaders to be prepared. How do you manage a flexible workforce? Do you have the necessary skills and competencies to have those sensitive conversations with employees that will allow them to express their needs, and will facilitate finding the right solutions for them?

So let´s have a look at the interview about the HR Global Alliance:

So mark your calendars for the following events:

Zukunft Personal Süd in Stuttgart, 9 – 10th April 2019
The Stuttgart conference and expo will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2019. It will include speakers, workshops and exhibitors focusing on innovative ideas and product solutions from all HR areas – from organizational development and leadership through recruiting, HR software and employment law to e-learning, further education and training.

Zukunft Personal Nord will take place in Hamburg, 7 – 8th May 2019
The Hamburg edition is dedicated to organisational development and will among others explore the question of how managers can successfully tackle the challenges of team management in our digital age.

These events are typically German speaking.

Machines will save us from ourselves

Even the most stubborn anti-technology advocates have to admit, there is no turning back, or going back to Excell sheets with personnel data, phone-books for employee contact details or paper-based time-sheets. LinkedIn and XING profiles are replacing paper-based CVs, smartphone apps replace the punch-clock and bots guide candidates and employees on finding the right information. The latest tools incorporate AI and machine learning but have also received their dose of organisational psychology, from nudging to user experience and design thinking.

The question “should we use a technology-based solution for this” has been replaced with “which technology solution should we select”. I cannot see a better place to start answering that second question than the up-coming HR tech events. Nothing can come close to the experience of meeting with the creators of the digital solution, exploring the demo versions, being able to ask all your questions, and also comparing the competitors – all in one day.

The question “Should we use a technology-based solution for this?” has been replaced with “Which technology solution should we select?”. Start answering that second question by visiting the up-coming HR tech events! Click To Tweet

There are a number of great HR tech events coming up, here are just a few:

Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech in Las Vegas, 20 – 22nd February 2019
Is an event specifically focusing on combining technology with talent acquisition and recruitment. Great keynote speakers, including the founding Board Director of Glassdoor, and 50 more top influencers from the field. The Expo Hall will feature 2 exciting days of networking, learning and fun — not to mention the chance to see and touch the latest recruiting products and services.

Zukunft Personal Europe in Cologne, 17 – 19th September 2019
Zukunft Personal Europe has been extending its HR tech offering, as well as boasts an impressive HR startup village, which gathers some of the most exciting and promising HR technology newcomers out there. An entire floor is dedicated on the expo to digital and technology solutions, and the open and friendly atmosphere allows you to truly dive in the different providers, from the biggest to the newest, to choose what is really right for your organisation. This will mark the 20th Anniversary of the largest HR expo and conference in Europe, so surely the organisers will reserve some special surprises to mark this impressive milestone.

Health and wellbeing as key differentiators

As a very interesting development, the health and wellbeing of employees are more and more pushed into the realm of the workplace. On the one hand, employees are strapped for time to cook and eat healthy food or exercise outside of working hours, due to many people consistently working long days. Secondly, health and wellbeing initiatives are now part of the differentiating factors employers can apply to attract and retain the skilled and engaged workforce they need. This segment of HR service providers has experienced an incredible boom in just the past 3-5 years alone. From fruit-balls we went to smoothie bars, from gym memberships to active relaxation pods or desks combined with pedals, whatever you can imagine is now out there. The key here is to find the right balance, between offering opportunities to staff to recuperate and enjoy these initiatives during the working hours, but also allowing them the freedom to look after their own health and wellbeing outside of work.

There are a few events, where you can check out the great variety of offerings if you are looking at extending your corporate wellbeing offering:

Corporate Health Convention in Stuttgart, 9 – 10th April 2019
Germany’s largest event for occupational health and wellbeing at work. 170 leading suppliers showcase their products to more than 2,500 trade visitors. In addition, there are over 80 presentations and other useful agenda items.

In addition, Zukunft Personal Europe in Cologne also boasts an impressive Special Expo on Corporate Health, if you cannot make it to Stuttgart.

Human Resource Executive® Health & Benefits Leadership Conference in Las Vegas, 24 – 26th April 2019
At this event, you will gain the foresight you need to create the perfect benefits package for your organization. You’ll discover strategies that help organizations from various industries and sizes thrive, as senior HR and benefits executives share their experience along with best practices and tips. Plus, industry experts and professionals leading the innovation share their insight on how to keep your programs fresh and competitive — and as unique as your employees.

Going global

The tectonic plates are continuously shifting. China’s own Silicon Valley, Shenzhen is now where a lot of early-stage tech companies move to, as wages are still comparatively low, quality is high, and you save on time and shipping costs, as everything imaginable is manufactured there. Other global business hubs are also emerging, and as Japan is preparing to rehaul its immigration rules to attract more talent from the outside, Asia will be predictably an exciting and important region to focus on. What does this global expension and geographic shift mean for people management and human resources? How can global companies adjust to the local realities of skills, culture and norms around work?

What does global expension and geographic shift mean for people management and human resources? How can global companies adjust to the local realities of skills, culture and norms around work? Click To Tweet

If you are in the process of expanding to the east, or simply curious to learn about the latest trends from some of the world’s leading global HR thinkers, why not consider attending events outside of your usual comfort zone?

HR Festival Asia, 8 – 9th May 2019
Witness inspiring sessions, hear from some of the biggest local and international brands and legends, discover the latest trends, innovations and insights in HR and Tech from over 110 forward-thinking local and international HR and business leaders.

In conclusion, 2019 is promising to be nothing but exciting, from new technologies emerging to new workplace practices making their way into the mainstream. Learning from Leaders in the field as well as peers is the perfect way to enhance your knowledge, benchmark your own practices against those of others and develop new approaches to new challenges.

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