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The fast pace of modern life requires a high degree of flexibility, courage and emotional intelligence from employers and employees alike. The result is a constant need to adapt to new market conditions, the development of new forms of collaboration and last but not least, the fusing of human intelligence with artificial intelligence. In short, we find ourselves in perpetual beta.

What opportunities and challenges does this present to employers and employees? What will the working world of the future look like? How do we want to work in the future and who will decide?

We want to explore these issues in more detail taking our inspiration from the motto of the exhibition Zukunft Personal Europe 2018: “work:olution – succeed in permanent beta”. With this in mind, we are calling all bloggers to take part in the blog carnival: “How to succeed in permanent beta?”  #permanentbeta.

A few questions to start you off:

  • How can we organise living and working together at a time when continuity is described as a barrier for entrepreneurial growth
  • How can we ensure that the whole of society actually benefits from the digital transformation of the working world?
  • What digital tools will make our work easier in the future?
  • How can HR be a driver of digital transformation?
  • How will recruiting change in the future?
  • Is digital change an advantage or disadvantage when it comes to equal opportunities for women in management positions?
  • What new technologies and learning strategies are really productive and meaningful?
  • How can human resource professionals help their employees integrate more physical activity, healthy eating and mindfulness into their daily working lives? And how can we achieve this when we are actually spending less and less time in the office?
  • What will the office of the future look like?
  • What demands will be placed on senior management in the digital age?

These are just a few ideas on the subject. Please develop these ideas further, in entirely different directions if you wish, and see what you come up with!

When will the blog carnival take place?

31.07.2018 – 31.08.2018

The hashtag is: #permanentbeta

Would you like to take part in the blog carnival? Then please do, we welcome your entries! Simply link this posting in your article and then post your link in our comments.

We will be publishing a summary of the blog carnival in this blog after 31.08.2018. We will also publish all posts from the blog carnival in an e-book as a PDF. So if you post an entry as a comment, you agree to its inclusion in the e-book. We will then make this available as a free download.

Have fun blogging and we look forward to receiving plenty of exciting, creative and critical entries!

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