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As the 2017 Zukunft Personal has already been covered in great breadth and depth through various summaries, articles or LinkedIn posts, we decided to bring you a new perspective and highlight those social media influencers who have profoundly shaped and determined the online conversation during the conference and exhibition.

Among the many available social media platforms we opted for Twitter, as the main footing for our article, as it proved to be the most interactive online space overtaking other platforms. At the WorkLife HUB we tend to tweet a lot, and so does the Twitter account of the Zukunft Personal itself, therefore we decided not to include these two profiles in the listing.

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For this particular event, the score of the Twitter influencers was allocated on how frequently they engaged about the topic by using the official hashtag of the event (#ZP17), how many times their tweets were retweeted, and how many Twitter followers they have.

Based on the number of tweets, interactions, the following participants were the top 10 Twitter influencers taking part in the online conversation during the Zukunft Personal in 2017:

1. @INQAde

With more than 40 individual tweets and 60 retweets the Twitter profile of the New Quality of Work program, an initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, without doubt, was the most active and influential account throughout the 3 day long event. We would like to thank the team of INQAde for being the most engaged social media account, and congratulate the colleagues on their hard effort in making the goals of this very important initiative a reality.

2. @HZaborowski

They used to call him the “Luther of German HR”. Recruiting specialist, fellow blogger and speaker, Henrik Zaborowski, challenges traditions in German recruiting as he focuses on delivering results first. His blogger lounge presentations continue to attract a large number of people and it is good to see him coming back to the Zukunft Personal year after year. Henrik did not sit on his laurels at the Zukunft Personal, as besides speaking and actively tweeting, he recorded several podcast episodes with exhibitors and visitors. Go and check them out here.

3. @BeateW

Following Beate Werlin, IBM Corporate Communication Manager on Twitter, one cannot help but recognize that she was one of the most active participants of the event as she was reporting from keynote speeches, workshops and media events. Congratulations Beate in making it to the top 3 Twitter users at the Zukunft Personal and we look forward to seeing you in 2018!

4. @NicolaPeschke

With one well-timed and on-the-spot Tweet, Nicolas Peschke, Project Manager at the Bertelsmann Stiftung, has clearly blown the roof of the Zukunft Personal social media conversation, which got a lot of attention and incited active sharing and engagement.

5. @gsohn

Gunnar Erik Sohn is an economist, published author, fellow blogger and podcaster. Besides checking out his very active Twitter profile we recommend you to listen to one of the video interviews, here or here, he conducted at the Zukunft Personal.

6. @SAPdach

Explore the future of business with SAP Germany! The official German Twitter channel of SAP, the world’s leading provider of business software, as well as Gold Sponsor of the 2017 Zukunft Personal, provided tweets and valuable information during the event on topics such as digitalization, AI or machine learning.

7. @AntjeFisseler

Passionate future of work and HR professional, Antje Fisseler, took to Twitter multiple times at Europe’s largest HR management fair and engaged in conversations with exhibitors and speakers about onboarding, talent management or recruiting. Thank you Antje for documenting this event in such detail on your Twitter wall!

8. @kununu

If you are looking for ways on how you could increase, through social media activities, the level of event engagement of your organisation, look no further. With its informative and interesting tweeting the kununu conference team has surely infused personality into the company’s Twitter profile. Kununu is currently the largest employer rating platform in Europe with 1,5 million ratings for over 300 000 companies.

9. @SAPlearn

Thomas Jenewein was one of the most active participants at the Zukunft Personal. How do we know this? Apart from being one of the SAP workshop conductors, delivering a presentation on corporate learning and gamification, and being an active jury member of the HR Innovation Award, he often took to Twitter to share his thoughts and video snippets about the HR trade fair. Thomas Jenewein is a Business Development Manager at SAP. Through his work, and influential Twitter profile, he drives digital transformation on learning & education.

10. @SvenSemet

An avid Twitter user, Sven Semet is one of the most recognized thought leaders at IBM Germany. He has been in charge of IBM’s talent management strategies and innovative HR solutions for more than 10 years now. At the 2017 Zukunft Personal he run a three-day long IBM workshop along with his colleagues Karin Fuhry and Roger Haenggi.

Did we miss someone or an important tweet?

Did the conference, and its lively and rich Twitter conversation pull off something new, exciting or unusual? Which tweet did you enjoy reading the most? Let us know in the comment section!

As noted earlier, the top 10 Twitter profiles tweeted hundreds of times during the conference. The selected tweets, and contributions upon which we based our calculations and rankings, are only highlights. To learn more about what happened at the conference please look up the #ZP17 hashtag on Twitter; to debate emerging trends and propose discussion topics for 2018 use #ZP18. Thank you!

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