HRMExpo 2015 - New To HR Collaboration

Photo: HRMExpo 2015 – New To HR Collaboration

In the run-up of the HRM Expo and on-site at the exhibition New To HR was able to speak to a number of (keynote) speakers on their topic area – amongst others to Chris Roebuck, Heiko Fischer and Peter Palme. We produced various videos showing amazing conversations all highlighting that the performance dynamic of your workplace is more important than ever before in today’s global office. For a people engine to run smoothly, all the parts must work together, and one must remember to influence and encourage the workforce for high performance in order to drive innovation in your organisation. 

Heiko Fischer Chief TroublemakeRH at Resourceful Humans GmbH shares with #NewToHR how the best HR is no HR , or better said, there is no need for HR! Is this attitude a viable option for the personnel function, to enable the future of work, but also to create?  What can be achieved with a democratic framework and social technology, a state of 100 % Entrepreneurship and 0% Bureaucracy?

Chris Roebuck – Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership at Cass Business School, London  shows you what super performance gets from people, how it can be applied to what your organisation really needs. It’s proven to work, costs nothing and you can start with it tomorrow. It not only maximises performance, delivering up to 30% extra effort from 60% of people, but also helps you manage risk, deliver better customer service, build the brand, innovate, improve and be efficient and cost conscious.

Peter Palme – Senior International Change & Organization Manager at the Carlsberg Group shares with #NewToHR how high-end quality of education is increasingly being freely available on the Internet. More and more employees are using MOOCs for their professional and personal development. Is corporate learning now replaced in the organisation by educational competition online? Does the open access to learning resources leads to the hacking of education? Educational hacking represents the search for a much smarter and faster way to acquire knowledge, but what does this mean for Corporate Learning?

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LeMaire-Nicole-LeMaire_onlineNicole is the founder of The People Engine Ltd, with the brands Human Resources Global and New To HR. Her Personal Mission: I Do It My Way! After leaving the corporate workforce as an international HR Director (entrepreneurial streak), Nicole gained global experience whilst living/working in over 30+ countries. She set up her business to support you, your team and your business truly going global.


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